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Experience Matters

The raw truth is that providing great support is hard, very hard. The evolution we’ve gone through over the past few years testifies to this fact. Whether it was moving all our support in-house, offering Sunday appointments, or instituting mandatory weekend training, we have learned the hard way, through experience, that great support isn’t easy. We have learned that there are many elements that makeup great support, starting of course with great staff (e.g. our Geniuses), an integrated team approach, direct involvement of senior management, and a locked in process that constantly re-evaluates itself.

Great Staff - HiPoint follows a flat-tiered approach to support, with all staff being highly competent members of our Genius Squad. These Geniuses can address a wide range of user concerns such as resolving internet connectivity issues, instructing users on how to set various advanced phone features, and making basic billing adjustments. In this way more than 90% of users have their concerns addressed on the first call! Stated another way, we have no dummies, just Geniuses!

An Integrated Team Approach - Most organizations similar to ours draw a hard line between phone support techs and field techs. Building on our Genius Squad concept, HiPoint has integrated these two types of techs into one team. Consequently all our field techs have a regular rotation on phone support duty, while all our phone support techs have to take occasional field trips to building sites to assist on field tickets; this results in better communication, constant improvements in process, and ultimately in a better overall experience for our customers.

Direct Involvement of Senior Management - As one of the owners at HiPoint often says, “you can’t expect if you don’t inspect”. A key element in this well-known adage is who is doing the inspecting? At HiPoint it goes all the way to the top, with one of HiPoint’s most senior managers (an owner) overseeing our daily support meetings.

Process Evolution - There is another well know adage at HiPoint, which is “that everything changes at HiPoint”. That of course isn’t completely true (nor desirable), but the point is that everyone should be ready for change because if we find a better way to do something, that’s what we’re going to do. In fact, HiPoint has instituted processes that are designed to constantly re-evaluate how we do what we do. One thing we know for sure is that we can always improve, and while improving can be tough, it sure is fun and rewarding.

24/7 Core Support

HiPoint Geniuses are available 24/7 to address user concerns. While some issues require escalation to management and engineering, most issues are handled right away. Their capabilities span all aspects of our service offerings, from technical issues to administration matters to billing updates. Our goal is to address your concern on the first call.

But we go one step further as well; if we find that the issue is unrelated to our service (e.g. computer or training issue), we can hand the ticket off to one of our Enhanced Genius Squad team members for further troubleshooting and resolution. While there are fees associated with resolving issues unrelated to our service, HiPoint users get preferred pricing, The goal here is to never leave our customers hanging and provide them viable options to get their issue addressed.

General Technology Support

General Technology Support

All HiPoint users have access to our Enhanced Genius Squad team to help with general technology support, including things like computer repair and upgrade, data migration, virus/spyware removal, and smartphone configuration and backup just to name a few. While users can obtain similar support from other organizations, HiPoint users have the benefit of an end-to-end solution with a company they trust, one that can service them quicker and better, and at a preferred price.

Connected Home

In addition to resolving issues, our Enhanced Genius Squad team can help users build their connected home experience. Whether this means consolidating all their music in one place and being able to listen to it from any device (be it their PC, tablet, or home theater system), or share videos with friends and family, or even enable video calling through their TV, the possibilities today are endless. The beauty is that unlike many “upgrades” of the past, these enhancements to your home network really do enhance the user experience and make the digital experience way better! (click here for more info on our My Media Everywhere service). 



Today’s users have more technology in their computers than ever before, with great capabilities to communicate, edit media, organize and share data, and stay connected with family and friends, and have fun! But knowing what to use and how to use it is not always a simple matter. At the same time, getting any meaningful training on doing anything is ridiculously expensive. So HiPoint has set out to create very efficient and beneficial training sessions covering a wide range of topics, with most sessions costing under $50!