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In today’s world, being connected means more than just having a broadband connection in your home. With the influx of connected devices, from smart phones to game consoles to Internet TV set top boxes, the connected experience can be as personal and unique as one chooses it to be.

At HiPoint we understand this better than anyone. That is why we don’t treat Internet service as an isolated entity from our Genius Squad or digital phone service. They are all parts of the digital universe, and integrating them in a way that makes sense is the true challenge.

Our goal is the connected home experience, where a solid Internet connection is a key foundational aspect, but where our true offering is enabling users to get the most out of their digital universe.

HiSpeed Internet For MDU'S

The cornerstone of any connected experience is a solid Internet connection. This means quality coupled with solid customer service and support. Gone are the days when Internet was about web surfing; todays users stream movies and shows, read their newspaper on their tablet, use cloud based applications, have home businesses, VPN into their office network, take part in video conferences, sync their data accross their devices, and listen to their music library on their surround sound system, just to name a few examples. And this is just the beginning! As users become more familiar with the capabilities of their digital universe, the connected experience will evolve to make their digital experience their own.

Quality Internet

While all the residential providers focus their marketing on bandwidth, and HiPoint is no exception as we tout the fastest speeds in North America with 200Mbps upgrade plans! But the fact is that bandwidth is only part of the picture (and not necessarily the most important part). The full picture includes the ideas of capacity, latency, reliability and oversubscription. What you as a user should want are good sustained bandwidth, low and stable latency, high reliability, and a low oversubscription ratio. HiPoint takes these elements into account so as to deliver real quality Internet. Click to learn more

Customer Service & Support

Everybody can claim great customer service and support, but delivering it is a lot tougher than saying it. We know, because we’ve been exerting great effort over the past few years to constantly enhance this aspect of our service. We recognized very early that this is one of the great differentiators between ISP’s, a component that if not executed well results in real user dissatisfaction, real negative feelings, and is something that is very difficult to overcome. We know this, and that is why we’ve invested so heavily in our customer service and support.

Yes we have 24/7 support right here out of Chicago, and yes we have extremely fast response times, but we consider that minor league stuff. We’ve tried to go much further. We’ve analyzed each point that a user will interact with a HiPoint representative and the medium through which that interaction occurs (email or phone). We’ve then fine tuned our processes and implemented training to make that experience as positive as we could make it. For example, we don’t implement a scripted format, but instead use talking points to keep the interaction natural. Another example is we don’t collect a slew of information from the user before getting right to the problem, and instead focus our initial energy towards problem resolution, collecting only that information that is necessary to solve the problem.


1) Good Sustained Bandwidth - Capacity is the term that best describes bandwidth, where one can think of bandwidth as the capacity of a delivery truck; the larger the moving truck the more capacity it has. But this says nothing about the speed or reliability of the truck, let alone the amount of traffic on the roads (e.g. network). Also, if I’m delivering a pizza, having a large capacity truck doesn’t really help me. In that same way, if all I typically do on the Internet is check email and surf some basic web sites, then having a high bandwidth Internet plan won’t really benefit me.
So while having more bandwidth can be a good thing, it’s not something that everyone may necessarily benefit from.

2) ON HIPOINT BANDWIDTH - HiPoint offers some of the fastest upgrade plans in the industry, with some of our customers having access to the nations only 200Mbps plan!

3) Low and Stable Latency - Time-to-deliver is the term that best describes network latency, where one can think of time-to-deliver as the time it takes a delivery truck to deliver a package to it’s destination. The shorter the time-to-deliver the sooner the packages arrives. But equally important in a complicated delivery network (and the internet is such a network) is the predictability of when packages should arrive at their destination. In this regard a stable time-to-deliver value, one that doesn’t fluctuate too much, is very important. This fluctuation in the networking world is referred to as jitter. Bottom line, the lower the latency and jitter the better off you are.

4) ON HIPOINT LATENCY - Unlike other providers, HiPoint owns and manages it’s own distribution network that is built with the principle that more is better. Utilizing carrier grade technology that provides sub-millisecond latency over our core backbone, our end users experience best in class low latency and jitter.


As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, HiPOINT beats the competition in all key aspects of service from customer care, affordability, and advanced technology. There really is no comparison when it comes to Satellite TV versus cable. Today’s Satellite TV offerings from DIRECTV offer more HD channels, more advanced technology, more exclusive offerings, and more programming, all at a cost savings to you.

Whether you’re a board member or property manager looking for solutions for your building or a residential tenant or business owner tired of your current cable company, HiPOINT has a solution for YOU. Give us a call to help us understand your current needs, and we’ll set you up with the service that best fits your needs. Don’t Just Watch TV, DIRECTV!


With DIRECTV, you get the best TV service—plus the support you need to make the most of it.

Attract more customers with the best sports, entertainment, and news channels, including the best HD channels

Get the word out about your business with FREE, innovative marketing tools, including customized merchandising, sports kits, Bar Finder mobile app, and more

Stay in the know with the latest updates, tips & tricks, and sports schedules—delivered straight to your inbox

Take advantage of HiPOINT and DIRECTV's 24/7 dedicated customer service


DIRECTV delivers the ultimate video entertainment experience. At home or on the go, DIRECTV is your source for the best in video entertainment. Watch the same movies and shows anywhere, on your TV, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. DIRECTV also offers more full-time HD channels and more sports than anyone—no other TV provider comes close. And our cutting-edge technology takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. We'll help you navigate the decision, help you understand what best fits your budget and needs, and most importantly help you understand why either option far surpasses the cable TV companies. As a HiPOINT customer, you'll have access to the highest level of service and support available today, with 24/7/365 access via phone, email, or chat, as well as the ability to bundle your services with our best in class high speed Internet services with speeds up to 200Mbps!


The Myth

The cable TV companyís have invested heavily in spreading the myth that cable TV is more reliable than satellite TV. What makes their campaign so effective is that there is some truth to their claims, a truth attested to by the many people who have had a bad experience with satellite TV.

But the trick here is that the issue isn’t with satellite technology, but with the quality of the satellite dish used and the satellite installation itself. Cable companyís know this, because they use satellite dishes too! Yes, all cable companyís get their signal from satellites, then relay that signal over many miles of cable to deliver their service to your home. Once you know this, the question should be asked, whatís better, satellite programming that arrives to you after traversing many many miles of wire (like with cable tv), or satellite programming that arrives to your residence directly from the satellite? No doubt, the direct feed from the satellite is best.

Add to this that cable crams their Internet and phone on the same wire as their video, whereas satellite reserves all the capacity of the cable for video only. Thatís why satellite always offers more channels than cable (compare HD channels, international channels, and other specialty channels), and why picture quality (when the dish is installed properly) is so much more pure and better.

A Technical Fact

One more technical fact is that cable operates at lower frequencies than satellite (usually below 800Mhz), whereas satellites operates up to 2200Mhz. This gives satellite much more bandwidth to deliver their content. Why does cable not do the same? Because the higher the frequency, the shorter the signal can travel without having to be re-amplified; consequently cable uses lower frequencies so they can get their signal farther out. Since satellite off-loads their signal directly to your property, they donít have to worry about forwarding their signal over long distances, giving them more bandwidth to deliver more content.

Choose the Right Provider

Lastly, MDU (multi-dwelling units) installations vary drastically from one provider to another. Some use cheap dishes (same as whatís used on a single family home), whereas HiPoint uses 1 meter commercial dishes with heaters (to prevent snow building up on the dish).


In the end, the use of commercial dishes with heaters (one for each satellite) and having a skilled installer do the installation, will overcome all the perceived deficiences of satellite TV and result in the best possible level of quality and reliability available today.

HiDigital Phone Overview

Today’s users have more options for voice communications than ever before, including traditional landline based services, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, mobile phones, softphones (using computers), or video chatting. In our goal to create the best digital experience for our users, HiPoint tries to take into account the pros and cons of all these options. While VoIP is not for everyone, there is no doubt that VoIP is a great option for many, especially as a supplement to their cell phone service.

In hopes of differentiating our VoIP service, HiPoint has looked at the many deficiencies often associated with other providers, and then built a product to overcome those deficiencies.

Key Elements

1) Sound Quality - In VoIP, sound quality is dependent on many factors, with one of the most important factors being the digital routes (called SIP routes/trunks) that your voice travels over. Providers such as HiPoint purchase the rights to use these routes, and as can be expected the better the routes the higher the cost. The temptation of course is for a provider to use cheap routes, thereby helping their bottom line, which is exactly what many providers do. But not HiPoint; HiPoint users can rest assured that our service utilizes the best (and most expensive) routes available today, resulting in the highest quality VoIP service bar none!

2) Reliability -  HiPoint utilizes a highly redundant system to provide our VoIP services. This includes the use of server clusters as well as access to several high quality backup routes. Consequently HiPoints current VoIP system hasn’t experienced a single system outage since it’s launch!

3) Features - One of the great benefits of VoIP is the myriad of features that come with it. As expected, HiPoint has one of the best feature sets in the industry. Some of our standout features included with our standard service are voicemail transcriptioning, free inbound digital faxes (senses fax on the line a emails you the document), and advanced call processing rules (i.e. send specific people straight to voicemail or drop certain telemarketing calls).

4) Local Service and Support - Unlike the Nationwide providers, HiPoint only services the Chicagoland area. Consequently, users of our service have the best support available, including having an actual tech make an on-site visit to help troubleshoot unusual issues.


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