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The business environment has changed drastically over the past few years, and a big factor of this change is an outcome of the digital revolution.

Not only can small businesses have a strong on-line presence, but the real capabilities of these smaller businesses have multiplied many-fold due to their ability to work and collaborate with other small or large businesses. A key factor that enables this cooperation between “Connected Businesses” is the ability to easily and efficiently communicate and share files. This essentially allows them to work as one, giving them capabilities normally reserved for much larger organizations.

HiPoint understands this as we’ve been helping small businesses via our IT consulting services for over 10 years. With the drop in price of key hardware, and the implementation of key technologies becoming much simpler, today’s small businesses can have a fully capable, remotely accessible, and highly secure network at a fraction of what it would have cost just a few years ago.

But with all these new capabilities comes the complexity associated with an expanded set of possibilities. With the adage that technology is only as good as the person who implements it (again it is only a tool), one must also add that it is only as reliable as the one who maintains it. It just doesn’t make sense for a small business to hire dedicated staff to deal with the myriad of issues that may come up, from simple desktop problems to complex network security issues. That is where HiPoint comes in, by providing businesses real control over their environment in a manner that they can experience it; in other words enabling them to truly experience control.

HiDigital Phone Business Class

Today’s businesses have more options for voice communications than ever before, including traditional land lines, installing in-house phone systems, or more recently, using business class VoIP (Voice Over IP) services. There is no doubt that the trend is towards using VoIP. The reason is obvious; VoIP provides the lowest overall cost with the largest available feature set; it can be delivered quickly and can be moved easily (both from site to site or within a site). Make no mistake that VoIP is the future.

But VoIP is in its infancy, which means that there are a lot of things still to be worked out. And of course, there are BIG differences between the various business-class VoIP providers out there. In hopes of differentiating our service, HiPoint has looked at the many deficiencies often associated with other providers, and then we tried our best to build a product that overcame those deficiencies.

Our great strength is our understanding of a connected business and our goal is that our customers experience control. This translates to better execution and support, because we understand the interconnectedness of the various parts that work together to deliver the service. Add to that our investment in high quality hardware, the best digital routes (SIP trunks), and our unique fully managed approach towards business-class phone services, and you have what we feel is the best business-class VoIP solution available today. Click here to learn about our unique fully managed approach.

Unique Approach

Unlike traditional business VoIP providers that target cost conscious and tech savvy business owners, HiPoint’s product is geared towards the traditional business phone users that want a higher end product with FULL support. In essence this means customers having advanced call features, but not having to install, configure, or support them themselves.

With HiPoint’s fully managed solution, clients sit with our phone consultants (in-person) and design their ideal phone system for their office, specifying extensions, voicemail options, special call processing rules with schedules, auto-attendant(s), system recordings, music on hold, multiple call appearances, handset security/restricted dialing destinations, and much more. After that, HiPoint installs and configures the entire system for you, and then supports it moving forward. If you have an issue, want to make a change (e.g. add a new employee), or have questions, just contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Key Elements

1) Sound Quality - In VoIP, sound quality is dependent on many factors, with one of the most important factors being the digital routes (called SIP routes/trunks) that your voice travels over. Providers such as HiPoint purchase the rights to use these routes, and as can be expected the better the routes the higher the cost. The temptation of course is for a provider to use cheap routes, thereby helping their bottom line, which is exactly what many providers do. But not HiPoint; HiPoint users can rest assured that our service utilizes the best (and most expensive) routes available today, resulting in the highest quality VoIP service bar none!

2) Reliability - ¬†HiPoint utilizes a highly redundant system to provide our VoIP services. This includes the use of server clusters as well as access to several high quality backup routes. Consequently HiPoints current VoIP system hasn’t experienced a single system outage since it’s launch!

3) Features -  One of the great benefits of VoIP is the myriad of features that come with it. As expected, HiPoint has one of the best feature sets in the industry. Some of our standout features included with our standard service are voicemail transcriptioning, free inbound digital faxes (senses fax on the line a emails you the document), and advanced call processing rules (i.e. send specific people straight to voicemail or drop certain telemarketing calls).

4) Local Service and Support - Unlike the Nationwide providers, HiPoint only services the Chicagoland area. Consequently, users of our service have the best support available, including having an actual tech make an on-site visit to help troubleshoot unusual issues.

Basic Features

Voicemail Voicemail to Email Free inbound fax Caller ID with Name Call Waiting Call Waiting with Caller ID Basic Call Forwarding Follow Me (Call Forwarding) Simultaneous Call Forwarding *69 Dialing and Redialing
Caller ID Block Anonymous Call Rejection or send to Voicemail Toll Number Call Rejection or send to Voicemail Advanced Call Processing w/ Schedule Do Not Disturb Speed Dialing Three Way Calling Soft Phone Online Account Management E911

Enhanced Features

Auto Attendant Call Transfer Voicemail Transcriptions Selective Call Processing Call Parking / Call Pick Up Call Barring Paging / Intercom Calls Automatic Line / Direction Connect (Hotline) Call Forwarding on Don't Answer
Call Restrictions/Station Restriction Multiiple Call Appearances Music-On-Hold Selective Call Acceptance Selective Call Forwarding Selective Call Rejection Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)/span> Toll Restriction 700/900 Blocking Conference Bridge TeleClick

HiSpeed Internet Business Class

Business-Class Internet is a mission critical component of any connected business. Like residential Internet, it too needs to be high quality and backed by great customer service and support. But businesses have greater integration and security needs, and can really benefit from an ISP that has deep roots in the IT consulting realm like HiPoint. In the end, the Internet is just a tool, and our job is to help businesses use that tool to become more efficient, more productive, more capable, and hopefully more profitable

Quality Internet

Quality Internet includes the ideas of capacity, latency, reliability and oversubscription. Today’s businesses need guaranteed sustained bandwidth, low and stable latency, high reliability, and a low oversubscription ratio. In our goal to provide users with the best Internet experience possible, HiPoint delivers its’ service with outstanding marks in each of these four critical areas, and backs it up with one of the strongest SLA’s in the industry.

Customer Service & Support

Some special features of our Business-Class Internet service include 24/7 proactive monitoring of key network components like routers and servers, fastest industry response time of only 1 hour for service disruption, and the ability to ramp up bandwidth almost immediately with just a phone call. Beyond that, as an IT consulting company, our support can extend throughout a businesses network, providing users complete support encompassing Internet, phone, backups, routers, servers, LAN, etc.

Our customer service and support is a core component of our offering, and our background in IT services has helped us design a product that meets the needs of today’s businesses. We understand that Internet service, from a functional point of view, is the same as VPN services, file sharing, communication, remote printing/scanning, video conferencing, etc. etc.; all rely on good Internet to function properly. So when a company signs up for HiPoint Internet, one thing they can be sure of is that we truly understand how important Internet is to their business, and our support reflects that.


Good Sustained Bandwidth

Capacity is the term that best describes bandwidth, where one can think of bandwidth as the capacity of a delivery truck; the larger the moving truck the more capacity it has. But this says nothing about the speed or reliability of the truck, let alone the amount of traffic on the roads (e.g. network). Also, if I’m delivering a pizza, having a large capacity truck doesn’t really help me. In that same way, if all I typically do on the Internet is check email and surf some basic web sites, then having a high bandwidth Internet plan won’t really benefit me.

So while having more bandwidth can be a good thing, it’s not something that everyone may necessarily benefit from.

Low and Stable Latency

Time-to-deliver is the term that best describes network latency, where one can think of time-to-deliver as the time it takes a delivery truck to deliver a package to it’s destination. The shorter the time-to-deliver the sooner the packages arrives. But equally important in a complicated delivery network (and the internet is such a network) is the predictability of when packages should arrive at their destination. In this regard a stable time-to-deliver value, one that doesn’t fluctuate too much, is very important. This fluctuation in the networking world is referred to as jitter. Bottom line, the lower the latency and jitter the better off you are.


Unlike other providers, HiPoint owns and manages it’s own distribution network that is built with the principle that more is better. Utilizing carrier grade technology that provides sub-millisecond latency over our core backbone, our end users experience best in class low latency and jitter.


Now that we’ve covered bandwidth (capacity) and latency (time-to-deliver), with bandwidth being akin to a delivery trucks capacity and latency being the time-to-deliver to a particular destination, our attention turns towards network reliability. In our delivery truck example, this would refer to the quality and reliability of the roads. Of course the more reliable the roads the better, where bad roads can lead to late packages, lost packages, or damaged packages. In the Internet world this would translate into slow Internet browsing, bad VoIP quality, problems with streaming audio/video, or repeated disruptions in service. It goes without saying that in todays connected universe, you NEED reliable Internet.


Built on a solid foundation of simplicity, HiPoint’s service is one of the most reliable Internet services available today, delivering its users a 99.99% uptime experience.