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We Are Experienced

With over 20 years of being in the technology and/or engineering business, one thing for sure is that we are experienced. Since our initial shift towards IT consulting over a decade ago, we’ve broadened our services to include Internet, phone, Genius Squad, and telecom expense management. But our true growth is not in the expansion of services we offer, but in the solid processes that have been developed to help us deliver our service efficiently and effectively.


The Business Case

HiPoint's philosophy is built on the belief that small business and residential customers need not be relegated to a second-class status when it comes to services and support.

So we set out to devise a model that provided smaller customers many of the advantages that were often reserved for large corporations. This included higher quality support, preferred pricing, and greater overall responsiveness. Initially, we applied this approach towards IT Consulting, but today we implement this across all our products.

Our underlying strategy to execute this philosophy often involves the idea of group or bulk purchasing of services, such that traditionally smaller customers are treated (from a business sense) as larger entities. For example, when it comes to providing Internet services, we treat all customers within a building (or general area) as one larger customer, thus allowing them to leverage their purchasing power to obtain preferred pricing and higher quality services not normally available to residential or small business users.

The Human Case

While making a successful business has a lot to do with being profitable, there has to be more to success than making a whole bunch of money. We believe a lot of it has to do with the idea of building something new, making things better, and improving your abilities. Stated simply, we promote the idea of moving forward, both personally and professionally, and feel that this more all-encompassing approach towards a positive direction results in a richer experience for all involved.

We also emphasize the human aspect of what we do; in the end we are servicing people, resolving issues for people, responding to the frustration of people, and hopefully making things better for people. That’s why, especially in the area of support, we value so highly the ideas of empathy and resolve; feel for the customer and have the resolve to solve their problem, making them feel good about the interaction.


1991 - 2001

Launched Engineering Consulting Firm, but changed focus towards IT Consulting Services.

2003 - 2005

Opened new offices in Lincoln Park and launched innovative HiPOINT HiSpeed internet services bringing business class internet to residential users.


Implemented HiPOINT HiSpeed internet services with first ever Fiber Optic service to a residential building


HiPOINT completed its phase 1 build out of a Gigabit Hub with a private wireless infrastructure ranging from the South Loop to Edgewater. HiPOINT also launched its in-home Genius Squad technology support services.


HiPOINT completed phase 2 build out with network expansion north through Evanston as far as Wilmette. To better accommodate extensive growth, HiPOINT also relocated to larger offices in Jefferson Park.


HiPOINT completed phase 3 infrastructure build out with network expansion to the West Loop. HiPOINT completed a major upgrade to its VoIP infrastructure, resulting in significantly improved digital phone services. HiPOINT added business class Internet and business class VoIP to its services.


HiPOINT launched DirecTV Satellite Television in the MDU marketplace. Wish this launch, these DirecTV services became available to Individual Residents (MDU and Single Family Home), Commercial Customers, and Lodging Establishments & Institutions.


HiPOINT increased its Gigabit Hub to multi-Gig capacity, allowing for its first MDU building with synchronous 1Gbps to each resident. In an effort to provide viable solutions to deal with rapid changes in technology, HiPOINT also began the growth of Application Development.


HiPOINT began to focus on improving the infrastructure of its existing MDU buildings, as well as guiding new customers toward upgrading their MDU infrastructure, by proposing and implementing internal wiring upgrades. In addition, HiPOINT released The Nines application, used to enhance communication services to residential MDUs.


HiPOINT again expanded its network to service customers as far south as Hyde Park.



HIPOINT launches services at prestigious Montgomery. Users have access to the Nations first 200Mbps individual upgrade plan. 


HiPOINT becomes an exclusive Dish Private Cable Operator (PCO), offering MDU's a true single support and billing alternative to cable company's for TV, Internet, Phone, and Genius Squad services. With the addition of the best and most technologically advanced TV services today, including exclusive features such as Primetime Anytime, AutoHop, the most advanced DVR with the Hopper, TV Anywhere powered by Sling, true Google TV Integration, and the Tailgator, HiPOINT now has the best overall solution for MDU's in terms of price, features, and customer services and support.


HiPOINT's business class digital phone solution has best quarter since inception. New advanced features such as transcriptioning and Outlook integration coupled with our unique fully managed approach provides businesses best in class service.


HiPOINT launches services at landmark Metropolitan Tower on Michigan Ave. With individual upgrade plans as high as 200Mbps, The Metropolitan has access to the fastest Internet plan in North America.


HiPOINT launches phase 1 of new website, providing visitors more information about our services. Our drill down approach offers visitors the ability to get convenient overviews and then drill down to get more specifics. Phase 2 will incorporate more interactive features and launch our new user portal. Expected completion of phase 2 is 7/1/2012.


HiPOINT becomes a DIRECTV system operator, offering MDU's a true single support and billing alternative to cable companies for TV, Internet, Phone, and Genius Squad services. With the addition of the best and most technologically advanced TV services today, HiPOINT now has the best overall solution for MDU's in terms of price, features, and customer service and support.



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