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Introducing our user-friendly, tablet based, application suite that incorporates modules such as package management, guest registration, profile management, permission-to-enter (PTE), work orders, and resident communications.

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About HIPOINT Team

The raw truth is that providing great support is hard, very hard. The evolution we’ve gone through over the past few years testifies to this fact. Whether it was moving all our support in-house, offering Sunday appointments, or instituting mandatory weekend training, we have learned the hard way, through experience, that great support isn’t easy. We have learned that there are many elements that makeup great support, starting of course with great staff (e.g. our Geniuses), an integrated team approach, direct involvement of senior management, and a locked in process that constantly re-evaluates itself.

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Hispeed Internet

While all internet providers focus their marketing on bandwidth, and HiPoint is no exception as we tout the fastest speeds in North America. But the fact is that bandwidth is only part of the picture (and not necessarily the most important part). The full picture includes the ideas of service, capacity, latency, reliability and oversubscription. What you as a user should want are good sustained bandwidth, low and stable latency, high reliability, a low oversubscription ratio and a viable support system that is able to navigate and resolve issues effectively and efficiently. HiPoint takes these elements into account so as to deliver real quality Internet.

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TV Services

As a DIRECTV and DISH Authorized Dealer, HiPOINT beats the competition in all key aspects of service from customer care, affordability, and support/installation for advanced technology. There really is no comparison when it comes to Satellite TV versus cable. Today’s Satellite TV offerings from DIRECTV offer more HD channels, more advanced technology, more exclusive offerings, and more programming, all at a cost savings to you.

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HIPOINT Business and Residential Phone Services (VOIP)

Today’s consumers have more options for voice communications than ever before, including traditional land lines, installing in-house phone systems, or more recently, using business class VoIP (Voice Over IP) services. There is no doubt that the trend is towards using VoIP. The reason is obvious; VoIP provides the lowest overall cost with the largest available feature set; it can be delivered quickly and can be moved easily (both from site to site or within a site). Make no mistake that VoIP is the future.

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HiPOINT Documentation and
Resource Information

HiPOINT works hard to ensure that their clients are taking full advantage of their internet services provided for them. In doing so, HiPOINT creates documentation, provides training seminars and customer solutions events that will assist in the aid of clients with their technology.

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